Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Season of Lent 2016

Forty days. 

Forty nights.




I was born and raised Catholic.  I've stated this many a time.  Lenten observances are still something that I find myself doing.  An automatic thing to me.  It is natural to allow myself those forty days of cleansing, of focusing on my spirituality, and my faith.  Yes, part of my beliefs and my faith are rooted in Catholicism and Christianity as much as they have roots in faiths considered by the first two as pagan.  

The 2016 Lenten season for me is a bit different.  There are many things that I could choose from to give up: facebook, tumblr, twitter, instagram, and various other social media vices.  However, I have chosen instead to give up chocolate for the Lenten season.  Those that know me well, know that this is a very, very difficult thing for me to give up.  

I have had 4 pieces of chocolate since Lent started and those were Valentine's Day treats that were had on that Sunday.  Today, I indulged and had a few thin mints from the freezer.  Those are my indulgence sweets, but the remainder of the thin mints will remain until Easter Sunday - provided I have the willpower to leave them alone that long.  

There are several things I pray for during this Lenten season, and not all of them are for my own peace of mind and benefit.  I pray for those suffering across the world for many reasons, and I pray that love and light soon chase away the darkness that envelops them.   I could list so many more things that I offer up in prayer, but then we would be here all day.  

I am attempting to be more accountable for myself, and ensure that my life is lived in accordance with my beliefs.  This is something I will struggle with, and there are times I will fail.  However, I know there will be those who will hold me accountable and ensure that I once again find  the path that I am meant to take.

I leave you with the hope that your day is filled with blessings, love and light.  

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