Sunday, March 27, 2016

He Is Risen! Easter Sunday 2016

Holy week has officially come to a close with the celebrations that are being held today.  Three days ago, the son of God was crucified, given the death of criminals, made an example of to wash away the sins of those who believed.  He was entombed, wrapped as was the custom and laid upon the stone, to bring about what had been spoken of in prophecy.  That third day, it was women, visiting the tomb that learned that Christ had risen.  The tomb, empty, devoid of the body of Jesus.  

This is the miracle that is celebrated today.

If you've been following the blog, not that I've given it enough love and know that my belief structure pulls from both Eastern and Western religious ceremony.  Yes, I still observe the practice of Lent.  Fasting.  Easter.  Christmas.  Holi.  One day I will make it to India to celebrate Holi even though I am not a practicing Hindu, my believes find some of their teachings universal.  The same with Buddhism.  

My life is enriched by the spiritual practices I keep, and yes, I am celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I have been baptized, received my first communion, and been confirmed in the Catholic Church.  I have given my membership with a Christian  Church, and have found a loving Church family.  However, my beliefs are not only based off the Christian Faith.  

I hope that this closure to holy week fills you with love, light, laughter and blessings.  

I'm off to eat a few pieces of chocolate, now that I can have it!