Friday, June 28, 2013


Lately, things have been somewhat crazy for me, and I've not had the time to meditate like I would normally.  This sadens me, and I will have to remedy the situation. I don't have the candles that I usually use for meditation, but I still have my stones, of which I will be doing a post for later (if I can managed to remember) complete with pictures.

I love meditating, it allows me to center myself, and actually get ready to face my day and not have to worry about this stress or that stress.  It gets me in the right frame of mind to focus on my day to day activities.

There are a couple of ways that I meditate, and it all depends on what my focus is. If I'm starting the day, or if it is the middle of the day, or if it is in the evening.  It also depends on what has been going on that has been stressing me, what has been going on that could potentially be a major cause of stress for me in the near future, and things of that nature. 

But, my process usually remains the same, just the focus changes during each meditation. 

I usually meditate for about 30-45 minutes (that is my -ideal- meditation time), but it is often less than that depending again on what is going on.

I usually find a quiet place (or relatively quite place if I'm at home) that I can settle myself, either sitting up or laying down (which ever is comfortable for that particular length of time).  I usually have the following things, depending on what I am using as the focal point of my meditation:

1. Music - Classical, New Age, Nature Sounds, Gregorian Chants.  The music you use is all preference, and as my musical tastes vary, my meditation music tends to vary as well.
2. Focal Point - Problem written on a slip of paper, Bible Verse written on a slip of paper, Particular stone

Normally, I would light a candle, or incense if I could  (unfortunately I usually can't) but I usually will add a little bit of my favorite lotion to give me a scent to focus on, because that usually helps me to focus a bit and keep my mind on what I'm doing.

Lately, I've used headphones and my mp3 player or a play list I've got stored on Pandora that has some of my favorite meditation tracks on it.

What are some of your favorite meditation techniques? Music?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Touch of Pagan: Litha - Summer Solstice

As always I preface this, with my usual statement.  You know my beliefs are those of many different religions.  There is no one religion that I practice, but pull from multiple to shape my beliefs.  If you cannot create a positive dialogue, and wish to bash or berate me for my beliefs, you will not be welcome here.

Today is a half-way point in the wheel of the year.  It is the celebration of the summer solstice, the first day of Summer (though, as I live in Florida - summer's been here a while already).  Litha, as today is often referred to is the ancient Germanic word for summer.  This is the time when the Sun God is believed to be at His strongest.  The Sun God is also known as the God of the Forest, and is often depicted seated on a throne of green wood.  It is ultimately from this, that the modern version of the Green Man has come about.  Also, during the merging of Christianity and Paganism, many visages of the Sun God wearing a mask of leaves were included in the architecture of early churches.  So, this is His day.

The themes of Litha are: sex, love, creativity, energy, luck, health and wishes.  

This is the time of year when, had I the means, would be gathering herbs and beginning the drying process. Why? Because this is the day that the herbs are the most potent when it comes to their magical properties.  Roots are to be gathered as the moon wanes and leaves and flower as the moon waxes.  Waiting too long after the solistice the herbs will begin to seed and lose potency.  Also, after each gathering or using any part of Mother Nature's resources, I thank the plant, and remember our debt to Mother Earth and Her children.

Had I the means, I would be performing my own Litha ritual, but as I'm still in the process of building my altar and acquiring things (as budget allows), and I am not near a spring (that is within easy walking distance).  I would be writing down a wish or perhaps two, adding them to my Litha inspired offering, such as a stone, feather or small flower.  Once that was done, I would meditate on the wish, keeping it focused in my mind and filled the offering with my meditation, it would be tossed with intention into the spring, or cauldron.  Once the spell was completed,ultimately the content of the cauldron would be emptied into a spring or other moving body of water.  As everything within the cauldron would be natural and not harmful to the environment, no harm would be done.

Here are some useful items for use on the Summer Solstice for your celebrations: 

Herbs:  Basil, chamomile, daisy, elder, pine, St. John's wort, tyme, yarrow, frankincense, fennel, lavender, and lily

Essential Oils/Incense: Frankincense, lemon, lavender, sandalwood, lotus, jasmine, rose, wisteria, and myrrh

Colors: yellow, white, red, blue, green, tan

Decoration: anything reminiscent of the sun, dried herbs, potpourri, fruits, summer flowers

Gemstones: Any green stone.

Foods: Mead, fresh fruits and veggies, lemonade, cookies and cakes decorated to honor the Sun, and of course plenty of ale.

Spellwork: Any maigck, but is especially beneficial for Animal Protection and Marriage & Vow Renewal spells.

Recipes and stuff: Can be found at the following link -  Litha Recipes

Touch of Pagan: Litha Recipes

As always I preface this, with my usual statement.  You know my beliefs are those of many different religions.  There is no one religion that I practice, but pull from multiple to shape my beliefs.  If you cannot create a positive dialogue, and wish to bash or berate me for my beliefs, you will not be welcome here.

Here you will find some useful  recipes for your own Litha (Summer Solstice) celebration.  Litha Incense, Orange Honey Butter, Easy Honey Mead.

Litha Incense
2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Mugwort
1 part Chamomile
1 part Gardenia petals
Several drops Rose Oil
Several drops Lavender Oil
Several drops of Yarrow Oil

Orange Honey Butter
2 tablespoons grated orange zest
3 tablespoons confectioner's sugar
1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
1-2 tablespoons honey
-Combine ingredient, chill until ready to eat.

Easy Honey Mead
1 part wildflower honey
1 part water
-Heat honey and water until mixture is smooth and 
honey is incorporated.
-Sprinkle rose petals into the mixture, let it cool.  
-Strain mixture (optional)
-Mix 2 parts honey water with 1 part grain alcohol
-Serve chilled over ice.
(Other option: Mix 1 part honey water w/1part vodka)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Buddhism: 14 Fine Facts of All Life

Another Buddhism post.  I focus on a lot of buddist teachings when I meditate, and this is no exception.  These fourteen facts are meditated on quite often, and there are times when I fall victim to any of these and find myself and more often than not I find myself struggling with them.  Especially the Ego, Envy & Jealousy, and a few others of the enemies listed.  However, I am also working on doing those things that are successful, beneficial and better for me to exemplify in life.

It is always hard to let go, to not be offended when things happen, to walk Untouched and Unaffected by things that go on in the world.  But there are always things that try and touch us, try and captivate our attention, and pull us away from what we are focused on.  I try and keep myself focused on finding my own inner peace and focusing on perpetuating the Buddhist teachings that I've adopted into my own religious beliefs.

What are some things that you focus on in your daily spiritual walk?

The Fourteen Fine Facts of All Life:

1: The greatest enemy in life is: The

2: The greatest deceit in life is: This
is Mine ...

3: The greatest failure in life is:

4: The greatest acid in life is: Envy &
Jealousy ...

5: The greatest error in life is to lose
Self-control ...

6: The greatest crime in life is
betrayal of Parents ...

7: The greatest deplorable in life is
pathetic Self-pity ...

8: The greatest success in life is
correcting own failure ...

9: The greatest bankruptcy in life is
lewd immoral conduct ...

10: The greatest wealth in life is
health and understanding...

11: The greatest debts in life is
clinging and lack of purity...

12: The greatest gift in life is
Patience, Tolerance & Forgiveness...

13: The greatest shortcoming in life
is lack of present Awareness!

14: The greatest soothing relief in
life is Generosity & kind Charity!

Touch of Buddhism...Wonderful Precepts

So, I've stated more than once, that my beliefs are a mix of a variety of religions, and Buddhism is one that I borrow my beliefs from and enjoy greatly.  These are the Wonderful Precepts of Buddhism.  I share them with you, to know what it is that I have drawn into that part of who I am.  Comment, questions, concerns? 



1. Aware of the suffering caused by the destruction of life, I vow to cultivate compassion and to learn the ways of protecting the lives of people, animals and plants. I am determined not to kill, not tolet others kill, and not to condone any act of killing in the world, in my thinking, and in my way of life.

2. Aware of the suffering caused by exploitation, social injustice, stealing and oppression, I vow to cultivate loving-kindness and learn ways to work for the well-being of people, animals and plants. I vow to practice generosity by sharing my time, energy, and material resources with those who are in real need. I am determined not to steal and not to possess anything that should belong to others. I will respect the property of others, but I will do everything in my power to prevent others from human suffering of other species.

3. Aware of the suffering caused by sexual misconduct, I vow to cultivate my responsibility and learn ways to protect the safety and integrity of individuals, couples, families and society. I am determined not to engage in sexual relations without love and long-term commitment. To preserve the happiness of myself and others, I am determined to respect my commitments and the commitments of others. I will do everything in my power to protect children from sexual abuse and to protect families from being broken by sexual misconduct.

4. Aware of suffering caused by unmindful speech and the inability to listen to the suffering of others, I vow to cultivate loving speech and deep listening in order to bring joy and happiness to others and relieve others of their suffering. Knowing that words can create happiness or bring suffering, I vow to learn to speak truthfully, with words that can inspire self confidence, joy and hope. I am determined not to spread news that I do not know to be certain, and not to criticize or condemn things I am not sure of . I will refrain from uttering words that can cause division or discord, or that can cause the family or the community to break. I willmake every effort to reconcile and resolve all conflicts, even small.

5. Aware of the suffering caused by unmindful consumption, I vow to cultivate good health, both physical and mental, for myself, my family, and my society by practicing mindful eating, drinking, and consuming. I vow to ingest only items that preserve peace, well-being and joy in my body, in my consciousness, and in the collective body and consciousness of my family and society. I am determined not to use alcohol or any other intoxicants, or to ingest foods or other items that contain toxins, such as certain T.V. programs, magazines, books, films and conversations. I am aware that to damage my body and my consciousness with these poisons is to betray my ancestors, my pafrents, my society, and future generations. I will work to transform violence, fear, anger, and confusion by practicing a diet for myself and for society. I understand that a proper diet is crucial for self-transformation, and for the transformation of society.