Friday, April 5, 2013

Merry Meet...An Update

Greetings and may the Lady bless you this day! It's been a while, and for that I do apologize.  Things have been rather hectic, and now that I've moved and gotten settled and been able to get myself in a better state of mind (as I'm no longer swarmed by big city and the various stresses of dealing with too many bills and not enough money). 

Things are calmer, and I've been able to once more spend time meditating and focusing on centering myself and finding the peace that I need. I've been turning a bit more to the pagan/wiccan side of my beliefs because there are so many places that I can sit and let the world flow around me as I relax.

Lake City is a quiet little city, there isn't much going on here, but there are so many places that I've found and have yet to find that will allow me to focus and meditate on various things without the stifling characteristics of a big city.

I'm within walking distance of downtown, which means that there are events that happen that I can actually get to.  I'm finding my place here slowly but surely, it's been almost two months since I left Orlando, and I'm better for it.  There are still things that I need to find in the area - a PCP and such for various health concerns, but beyond that I'm loving this area.  I'm walking a lot more because that's my only option and the scenery for my walk is 100 times prettier than the walk I was making in Orlando.

The dynamic of people here is different as well - simply because people are nicer.  People were raised with different values here.  The racial dynamic is different as well - while Orlando seems to have a larger Hispanic population, Lake City has a higher African American population - so things are vastly different in how people treat others.  A prime example of that is - yesterday while my roommate and her son were coming home (on the back roads) from Dollar General at least four people stopped and asked them if they wanted an umbrella (as it was pouring), while they would have gladly accepted had my roommate not been in the wheelchair, it is still not something that normally happens in Orlando.

Hopefully, I will be able to start getting posts up more regularly, especially since I keep missing posting on days that I observe...OOPS!

Alright, I do believe that is all I have for the moment.