Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Equality and Me

As you all know I am a very passionate person and I support equality amongst the human race. I do not tolerate racism, sexism, or anything else that hampers the creation of a tolerant and accepting society.

This election has spoken volumes for those groups that certain parts of government are trying to silence or further discourage. Women were
out in large numbers to vote and in some new states same-sex couples can now legally marry and that is definitely a step in the right direction. 

Also, this election has proven that there are candidates that will do anything and say anything to try and sway the American people. However, if you desire my vote as an American citizen and a woman, cutting programs beneficial to ME as a woman is not the way to do it.

Back on topic, there has been am advancement in tolerance in this election with TWO states approving marriage equality. I know it is still a long way off in my state and many others but two more added to the list is better than none at all. Now internationally there is a country that is going to be facing this issue and it is controversial but it is one that is important in this day and age.
My support goes to the government in France and I hope that there will be tolerance and acceptance to marriage equality and those that hold incorrect stigmas of what "dangers" there will be if it is legalized soon learn the error of their thoughts. I am also sharing an article about the fight in France from the BBC.

French cabinet considers gay bill

I pray for strength and tolerance. For without these things true progress will never be made.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Upcoming Plans

In the next couple of days I will be starting a pair of series that I have found helpful to me and my own spiritual journey. One is finding strength in depression and the other deals with anger. There will be some meditation points in each of the days posted as well as Bible verses to meditate on.

I am also considering adding inspirational quotes from other sources as well but there will be a slightly more biblical focus to the posts.

I also have a slight backlog of posts to share with you including Samhein, All Saint's Day and Day of the Dead. I am passionate about these three occasions. So I shall be sharing information about them.

Until later,